Photograph take inside a bar. On the wall a dry erase board with a drink menu 
        offers beer, wine, shots, etc. Through the door, a cinder block wall painted blue is visible, with the hand-painted 
        words NO DRUGS ALLOWED.

One idea may hide another: Life is simple
Hide Life is incredibly complex, as in the prose of Gertrude Stein
One sentence hides another and is another as well. And in the laboratory
One invention may hide another invention,
One evening may hide another, one shadow, a nest of shadows.

Bin-like structures in which artist Robert Smithson deposited rocks, sand, broken concrete, 
            and other elements he collected  at various sites in New Jersey. Accompanying these sculptures, Smithson hung on gallery 
            walls photographs he’d snapped at the same Garden State locations, as well as fragments of maps that could lead other people 
            to these places
A Nonsite (Franklin, New Jersey)